Can I make money from YouTube?

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I'm sure you heard the statistic that by 2019, eighty percent of all web traffic will be claimed by video traffic. If that was true, then why is there very few video content on Google search?
I can see video consumption on mobile devices doubling every year, since its easier to watch a video than to read text. However, in reality it takes a long time to build a following on YouTube. In addition, it can take years to be seen on page one for a specific keyword or question.
YouTube is a horrible place to make a direct sale. If you spend $20 dollars to make $3 dollars using Google video ads, then YouTube is a bad business model. It often takes three years for you to earn a $100 from Google Adsense, so making a thousand dollars from a million views is unlikely!
However, for businesses who own their own product or service, YouTube is great place to build a brand. If you have a simple message that is engaging, this type of funnel to your website will work almost every time!
John Bagwell
Internet Marketing Expert
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