Does SMS Text Messaging Work?

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My short answer is no. If you investigate reviews by the largest SMS text messaging service, you will find out that 50% of customers have a negative view of SMS text messaging, while another 25% are commission agents (who receive $550 per case) have an extremely positive view of SMS text messaging, which leaves only 25% (at best) with a positive view of SMS text messaging.

If you're a restaurant owner, the concept of sending-out a cell-phone text message on a weekly basis to fill the restaurant with customers (when the restaurant has a slow day - such as Monday's) sounds very appealing. However, first you must acquire the cell phone number from your current database of customers, and second they must sign a written agreement (FCC regulation), which they must sign, agree, and authorize the company to send marketing messages to the customers phone.

I personally would never sign a document to have anyone send me an endless stream of unwanted SMS messages to my phone. Many people feel the same way, and this is why SMS text messaging will be ineffective for restaurants with small budgets. 

If SMS text messages has similar results like email, then it will take 7 messages for a potential customer to react to the message. And if the agent is receiving $550 commission to sell SMS text messaging, then the monthly cost could be as high as $1,000 per month. This means only the most popular restaurants can only afford this type of service, which the alternatives (such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp) are much better alternatives to produce concrete results for your advertising dollars.


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