Influencer Marketing and the True ROI

Influencer Marketing
As I said earlier in a previous post, what makes an influencer's tribe open an email or post, if they are constantly bombarded by recommendations by the blogger? Nothing. They simply will ignore all incoming email and posts, because these type of sponsored emails or posts happen too frequently. This means the majority of all influencer's suck at influencing their tribe.  
This also means that the majority of hype about using influencer marketing is fake, produced by fake influencer's. I believe that 90% of all influencer's use comments and likes produced by bots, which means the true ROI is very, very low. In addition, the influencer's who have an actual tribe that will follow them are very expensive ($50,000 to $200,00) per campaign.
This also means the average entrepreneur cannot use the 10% of actual influencer's that have influence with their tribe. They would have better ROIs with Google Adwords than an influencer.
Large corporations who have deep pockets, must think long-term building their brand using influencer's--which means the actual cost can be much greater than initially projected.
The bottom line, for the majority of marketers, influencer marketing is a waste of your valuable money. Choose Google Adwords, you'll have a better ROI!
John Bagwell
Internet Marketing Expert
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