Need an Alternative to Paying Google Adwords?

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The problem with Google Adwords, it can be very expensive to pay up-front marketing costs with no actual sales being made. However, there is an alternative method to be seen on Google Adwords that most of you don't know about, and that is using "".
Bonanza places you on Google Adwords and Bing, but only charges if you sell an item. What is the cost? You are charged 19% of your products sales price, when you sell your item using Bonanza. A pretty good deal! In addition, Bonanza has alternative choices as low as 9%.
So, if your on a tight budget and cannot afford to pay marketing expenses upfront, then Bonanza is a great opportunity for you to market your product or services on Google and Bing. I believe the industry will shift (eventually) to this type of back-end payment model, so go take a look at
John Bagwell
Internet Marketing Expert
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