The Problem With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
I constantly see "so-called" internet marketing gurus proclaiming affiliate marketing as the cure-all for individuals to start selling on the internet and make money hands-over-fist. What b.s! 
First, many (if not all) affiliate products cannot be sold in Google Adwords, and many products (such as diet plans) cannot be sold on Facebook due to strict compliance regulations by Facebook. Word-to-the-wise, investigate whether a specific product can be sold on these two marketing channels.
If you analyze a "high gravity" product on Clickbank, which supposedly means it will sell well, is a lie! Let's say you actually sell a high gravity item and then market the product on Bing, which has no marketing compliance, you will find yourself spending money, but no sales. Why? A sea of competition (who are selling the same item or something similar) is clicking on your sponsored ad to check-you-out and drive you out of business. This is a cut-throat world of marketing affiliate products!
What about creating sales-funnels to accumulate an email database, by offering a free PDF in exchange for an email? The problem with this concept, this is this is a long-term marketing strategy using Facebook sponsored ads to drive prospects to your sales-funnel, which will cost you from $300 to $600 a month (for three months), before you can acquire thousands of emails to market an actual affiliate product. Ugh!
Then why are these "so-called" internet gurus proclaiming affiliate marketing as the cure-all to your financial problems? I estimate that 99.9% of all internet gurus just want to sell you a bogus system, just to make a buck. Affiliate marketing is a long-term, expensive business. It could be 6-months before you see a profit--just remember that!
John Bagwell
Internet Marketing Expert
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