The Steps to Make a Facebook Post Go Viral

Facebook Viral image
Can a Facebook post go Viral? In most circumstances, the answer is No! However, under certain circumstances it may go viral if you proceed with the following steps:
1) The post must be unique and it must be personal. Here is an example: Daughter asks the world to help her daddy's new business survive, before we are thrown-out of our house.
2) Use an image that evokes an emotion. Example: A starving child.
3) You must ask for help from friends (and possible customers) to share your post.
4) Post between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the afternoon when viewership spikes.
5) Boost your post using a Facebook ad. Normally, I am against boosting posts, but a $20 boost will help your post. Go to your Ad Manager and delete all friends from the target list.
That's it! Good luck.
John Bagwell
Internet Marketing Expert
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