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We specialize in marketing for dentists. What’s the value of one new patient to your dental practice? Let’s say each new patient on average makes your dental practice $685 (gross). What if I brought in 20 new patients per month? Your dental practice would make $13,700 per month in additional money from our marketing efforts. Would you pay a small monthly fee to make $13,700 per month? Of course you would! This is why it’s so important to hire our firm.

Our sole focus is to attract new clients to your dental practice using social media marketing, PPC marketing, video marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. We offer the following “a la carte” marketing package for dentists:

Step #1

Account Setup – We will setup your social media accounts, create a high-quality logo, background images for fan pages, create landing pages, autoresponder, PPC accounts, and build your social media profiles. If you don’t have a complete social media presence for your dental practice, then we will complete these steps for your business. We will setup your personal and business accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus.

We will need any logo you are currently using, your business descriptions, your website URL and admin ID and password, your favorite digital images, any business videos, pictures of your employees and office, and access to all ID and passwords for your current social media platforms and your Google AdWords account ID and password.

Step #2

Website Design Program – First impressions count, and the first couple of seconds will determine whether your potential new customer will call you or move on to another dentist’s website. It will be our job to create a primary customer interaction photo for your home page to give your website the “extra appeal factor” to attract new customers. This photo shoot may take an hour of your time, but it will be worth millions to your bank account! 

Dentist Working

We will create a website that not only looks good, but is clean and un-cluttered with unique design elements, and featuring call-to-action buttons on every page. In addition, your website will not only be designed with search engine optimization, but we will design your website for mobile optimization for all smartphones and tablets.

You don’t want to force potential customers to squint, zoom-in, or get lost in the page navigation. Your website's primary focus is to get the potential customer to make an appointment. Your website should have the following:

  • Simplified navigation with large touch-points concerning your dental practice.
  • Images with simplified text and bullet points to get your message across to your target audience.
  • Phone number link, appointment link, and a map.

In addition, the website we design for you will have secondary page links that have detailed information about you, your practice, and serious educational content matter for your practice that has client-focused topics (example: Why does my teeth hurt?). These secondary pages will be in the form of text, photos, or video.

Please remember, if we drive traffic to your website and your website is marginal, then your results will be marginal. I highly recommend you allow us to rebuild or create a new website for your dental practice to produce maximum results. Travel expenses are an additional expense.

Step #3

Video Marketing Program – Just think of this fact: 77% of all online dental information began on a search result in Google Search. If you type-in “your specialty near me” in Google Search, your search result will populate a list of the most “authoritative” dental specialists in your geographic area.

Google ranks pages based on two primary metrics: authority, which is a measure of how many people share your video or link back to your content, and relevancy, which is a measure of how well you create video content that relates to keywords specific to your medical specialty. Google then sends the Internet surfer to the top 10 most relevant content related to the keyword in question.

Women Having a Dental Procedure

We research the top four questions posted by your target audience. We will come to your office to produce four videos (2 min to 4 min in length) based on those four questions. We will create a high-quality graphic for your last frame and link these videos back to your website home or landing page. We will then edit the video to produce a master video. Once they are approved by you, we will then distribute the videos on the top video sharing platforms. These authoritative videos will boost your organic reach on Google Search and bring in hundreds of valuable clients to your dental practice.

We will also place video ads on Facebook geo-targeting your audience within a 25-miles zone around your office address to increase your over-all leads. This will not only help you become the authoritative dental specialist for your specialty on Facebook, but this campaign will produce countless clients for your medical practice.

Every month, we will create four additional videos and distribute those videos on platforms across the web to boost your authoritative presence throughout Google Search and Facebook.  Advertising costs and travel expenses are an additional monthly expense. 

 Step #4

Google AdWords PPC Program – This program is designed to produce a high call-to-appointment conversion rate for dentists. How do we do this? We will analyze the top three competitors in your field and reverse engineer your competition's advertising program in Google AdWords. 

  Women at the Dentists Office

By reverse engineering your competition, we can create a detailed game plan analyzing what keywords your competition is using, how many clicks they're receiving, how much your competition is spending per month, and how many call-to-appointments (approximately) they're receiving on a monthly basis.

Once you understand the financial numbers behind a Google AdWords PPC campaign for your dental practice, you can project a result you can receive on a monthly basis before you begin a campaign. A Google AdWords PPC campaign is very effective, it returns an average of $25 for every $1 invested. 

In addition, if you have a Google AdWords campaign currently active, we offer a FREE 8-point audit on your ads weaknesses. If you're serious about increasing the number of new clients to your dental practice, then I would highly recommend this program for your dental practice! Advertising costs are an additional monthly expense. 

Step #5

Google Plus Content Program – The number one benefit to Google Plus is that your posts are indexed almost immediately in Google Search, when you use keyword hashtags. This means all your posts about you and your dental practice are distributed organically to your target audience. This is an extremely valuable issue over Facebook and Twitter.

This also means that regardless of how many followers you have (unlike Twitter or Facebook), your posts will have a direct impact on your business success. Another benefit is a business profile in Google Plus will allow you to interact directly with real people or other businesses, while a Facebook business page does not allow you to freely connect to people outside of your fan page.

Dentist Working With a Senior

In addition, Google Plus allows you to connect to influencers for your business who can sing praises about your business, increasing your credibility and spreading the good word about you and your business. In Google Plus there is no advertising, which allows people to interact and build relationships on a much more professional level (versus Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn). It is by far the best social media platform for businesses or individuals!

The key point of this program is to make you appear to be the dominating dental specialist in Google Search for your dental specialty in your geographic area. We will create 22 blog posts each month based on specific keywords (or questions) we research on your medical specialty.

Each blog post will be edited and sent to you for review before the post is submitted to Google Plus. In addition, each post will include the following: keyword hashtags, URL link to your website, and a unique picture of you or a royalty-free photo related to the primary keyword. If you want to dominate your dental specialty, then I highly recommend you add this program to your marketing efforts. This will provide useful and positive impression on potential new clients.

Step #6

Email Drip Marketing Program - Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a dentist to market his or her dental practice to potential new clients. The most important factor for an effective email drip campaign is the email database. The email database must be created from scratch, and the prospects (non-clients) must opt-in to receive future emails for your dental services, which is key to being complaint!


How do we do this? We create a video on a specific question that your audience is interested in (example: How much will crowns cost me?). We then solicit potential clients using a video ad on Google or Facebook within a 25-mile radius of your office address. The final frame of the video will redirect the prospect to a URL address for a FREE coupon for 20% off a specific dental service.

We will build a micro-website (called a landing page) to collect the prospect's first name and email address. Once the prospect has entered their name and email address, they will receive email #1, the actual coupon for 20% off. Once the email is sent, they are then re-directed to your primary website.

We will then start the email drip campaign 24-hours later and schedule the email drip over a course of a week. This 5-step process is designed to get the prospect to know, like, and trust you. Once we have accomplished this, we will then send email #5 (the “soft-pitch”) with a link to a second landing page to request a call-back for an actual appointment. Once the prospect (a non-client) makes a request for a call-back for an actual appointment, the prospect will automatically be removed from any future marketing messages.

We will then repeat email #5 once a week (until the prospect is removed from the database). We have found this 5-step process to be very effective in creating new clients for dentists. Email marketing is very effective, it returns an average of $38 for every $1 invested.

Once the prospect brings-in the coupon to the initial appointment, you can then analyze the effectiveness (or ROI) of the email drip campaign. Advertising costs are an additional monthly expense. 

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