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We specialize in social media marketing for restaurants and bars. Our sole focus is to attract new customers to your restaurant or bar to increase your company's profit margin beyond the break-even point (each day) and encourage customers to spread the word about your restaurant. 

Without a digital marketing plan to increase the number of new customers each day, you will be faced with going-out of business, and this is why it’s important to hire our firm.

Our sole focus is to attract new customers to your restaurant or bar using social media marketing, PPC marketing, video marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. We offer the following “a la carte” marketing package for restaurants and bars: 

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Account Setup - We will create and/or set up your personal and business accounts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will create professional graphic background images for your fan pages, create new logos, and build your social media profiles.

We will need any logo you are currently using, the business descriptions you use on the web, website URL, your favorite images, any business videos, menu and food and beverage pictures, restaurant pictures, employee and chef pictures, and any access ID and passwords for your current social media accounts to develop your online strategyThird-party miscellaneous expenses are an additional expense.

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Mobile Phone Optimization Program - The majority of mobile websites for restaurants or bars are causing potential customers to leave their websites on a daily basis. Why? These mobile websites are difficult to use. They force the potential customer to squint, zoom-in, get lost in the page navigation, or the website is plagued with design errors.

A restaurant or bar needs a mobile optimized website, which is a much more advanced website. Mobile optimized means that the site will reformat itself for a list of handheld devices, which allows a large mobile audience to make key buying decisions quickly.

A mobile-optimized website will have the following formatted elements:

  • Simplified navigation that has large touch-points for menu items and critical contact information.
  • Food and beverage images that can be easily seen or accessed on the home page.
  • It will avoid making users type unless absolutely necessary.
  • Access to a phone number link, reservation link, and a map.
  • A clutter-free website with very few non-menu graphics and stream-lined text to make the mobile phone screen easy to access.

I recommend you build a new website designed for mobile optimization, but keep the old website up until the new website is finished. If you want more customers, then I would recommend getting this package. Third-party miscellaneous expenses are an additional expense.

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Instagram Marketing Program - Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms for restaurants or bars, so we create additional (daily) mouth-watering posts of your food and beverage items to help your restaurant or bar dominate your local 15-mile prospect zone.

We will create food and beverage posts each day, which includes copy-writing and graphic design, schedule posts, use geo-centered hashtags, monitoring comments, sharing and reposting, and tracking audience engagement. We will need “mouth-watering” pictures of your food and beverage items for your restaurant or bar to dominate the online surfing for food and beverage items. 

Food and beverage images are a major part of branding your restaurant or bar. Instagram creates an organic “buzz" which fosters loyalty, allowing customers to feel as if they are getting an intimate glimpse of your restaurant or bar.

Instagram will have an immediate impact within seconds and can be seen directly on your customer’s smartphone, or highlight special events to produce wave of new customers.

We will also add individual team member videos to your Instagram account to show how they contribute to the restaurant or bar. We will also add videos of the chef or bartender introducing special menu items or beverages to attract new customers, or add an “influencer” singing praises about your restaurant or bar.

In addition, we also “hack” the followers of other restaurants or bars in your 15-mile prospect zone to draw customers from your competition, which creates the viral buzz your restaurant or bar needs to succeed. If you want to dominate your 15-mile prospect zone, then I highly recommend getting this package. Third-party miscellaneous expenses are an additional expense.

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Video Marketing Program – If you type the primary keywords related to your restaurant (example: the best steak in Atlanta) in Google Search, your search result will populate a list of the most “authoritative” restaurants or bars that serve steak in your geographic area.

Google ranks pages based on two primary metrics: authority, which is a measure of how many people share your video or link back to your content, and relevancy, which is a measure of how well you create video content that relates to keywords specific to your restaurant or bar niche. Google then sends the Internet surfer to the top 10 most relevant related to the keywords in question.

We research the top four keyword-strings posted by your target audience. We will come to your office to produce four videos (2 min to 4 min in length) based on those four keyword-strings. We will create a high-quality graphic for your last frame and link these videos back to your website. We will then edit the video to produce a master video.

Once you approve the videos, we will then distribute them on the top video sharing platforms. In addition, we may also place these videos on Facebook, geo-targeting your audience within a 15-mile prospect zone around your restaurant or bar address to increase your customer count. 

Every month, we will create additional videos for your restaurant or bar and distribute those videos on platforms across the web to boost your authoritative presence throughout Google Search and/or Facebook. Advertising costs and travel expenses are an additional monthly expense. 

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Email Drip Marketing Program - Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a restaurant or bar to bring-in new customers for a specific day, special event, or happy hour. The most important factor for an effective email drip campaign is the email database. The email database must be created from scratch, and the prospects must opt-in to receive future emails for your restaurant or bar.

How do we do this? We create a post on specific keywords that your audience is interested in (example: best Italian food in Miami). We then solicit potential customers using a sponsored post in Facebook within a 15-mile radius of your restaurant or bar address. The post will also include a link to a URL address for a FREE coupon for 20% off (or other value) for a specific date and time.

In addition, it is also important to build a database (offline) from your own restaurant or bar customers by offering Free coupons for emails. 

The actual email collection is done through a micro-website (which we will build for you) to collect the prospect's first name and email address. Once the prospect has entered their name and email address, they will receive email #1, the actual coupon for 20% off (or other value). Once the email is sent, they are then re-directed to your restaurant or bar website.

We will then start the email drip campaign 24-hours later and schedule the email drip over a course of a week. This 5-step process is designed to get the prospect to know, like, and trust you. Once we have accomplished this, we will then repeat email #1 once a week. Email marketing is very effective; it returns an average of $38 for every $1 invested.

Once the customer brings-in the coupon to your restaurant or bar, you can then analyze the effectiveness (or ROI) of the email drip campaign. This is a very effective way to increase revenue on slow days. Advertising costs are an additional monthly expense.

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Twitter Marketing Program – We will create and manage a Twitter page for your restaurant or bar and create 5 posts per day, which includes copy-writing and graphic design to help you develop a presence in the social media world.

We will add posts related to your food and beverage items to help you gain a following, build connections, establish credibility, and keep your followers up-to-date with your food and beverage items, events, and special promotions.

We recommend using real pictures of the food or beverages being served on your menu. On average, a customer is more likely to order an item if he or she can actually see it. However, try to keep the portions similar, and don't add items that won't be on the actual food and beverage menu.

Twitter provides a connection to "shout-out" short posts of 280 characters to a highly engaged audience (local customers) who are food and beverage enthusiasts. Tweets can include links, short text, and pictures to spread the word far and wide within moments. Twitter users want facts. Why use Twitter?

  • 55% of restaurant or bar customers log on to Twitter when they are in restaurant or bar; 1 out of 2 customers have come to a restaurant or bar because of a recommendation they saw on Twitter, and 66% of customers have tweeted about the restaurant or bar they visited;
  • 51% of the customers said they came to the restaurant or bar because of a special promotional offer or discount, and 73% came to the restaurant or bar because of a tweet about the food or beverage.
  • Marketing your restaurant or bar on Twitter is about giving your customers some valuable information. These are tweets about how good your restaurant or bar is, not conversational tweets by your restaurant or bar. Third-party miscellaneous expenses are an additional expense.Twitter Picture

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Social Media Management - We actively review consumer’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis, and then reply to all customers’ comments and reviews for your restaurant or bar. This will establish relationships with customers so they become repeat customers. In addition, we will also actively reply to unfavorable reviews with empathy to help motivate the customer to give your restaurant a second chance. 

In addition, you need to add content daily to your Facebook fan page, or Facebook will penalize your fan page from being seen by a wider audience. Not to mention your restaurant or bar must reply to all positive comments or you will face losing valuable new customers, and if you don’t delete any poisonous troll comments from your competitors,  your restaurant or bar faces losing valuable new customers.

Think about this for a moment: let’s say a group of friends decides to eat or drink at your restaurant or bar, and they are so impressed they decide to leave a positive review on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

We then send them a reply thanking them for their social media review on your behalf. We offer a free coupon to your restaurant or bar that can only be activated if they share the coupon on their Facebook account. The new “second-level” customer then gives a review and shares the review with their friends, causing even more customers to come-in to your restaurant or bar. And in-turn, a “third-level” customer gives a review for your restaurant or bar, which causes a snowball effect, increasing your daily, weekly, and monthly profit.

If you want create a snowball effect, creating a “viral-buzz” about your restaurant or bar, then I highly recommend you purchase this package. Third-party miscellaneous expenses are an additional monthly expense.

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Photography and Video Program - We offer photography and video of your customers eating and drinking (those who sign a legal release). We will then use these pictures and video on your social media profiles to encourage potential clients to come to your restaurant or bar. 

Potential customers want to see your current customers having fun and enjoying their food and drinks. This is extremely important in dominating the restaurant or bar market in your area.

We will shoot three months of photos and video over a two-day period and insert these digital media in the top three social media platforms to create the "buzz" you need for your restaurant's or bar's success. Travel expenses are an additional expense.

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